The Zhuang is the second largest people group in China. More than 18 million Zhuang are located primarily in Guangxi province, with a smaller number in eastern Yunnan province.The Zhuang are ethnically and linguistically unique, but they have largely assimilated into the Han Chinese culture and speak Chinese. However, they still maintain their own languages and also speak Mandarin and/or Baihua (a version of Cantonese). While the number of Christians among them is still relatively small, northern Zhuang have been more responsive to the gospel than southern Zhuang.

The Zhuang are animists, worshipping the spirits of water, forests, mountains and rock formations. They are also ancestor worshippers. Highly superstitious, they are fearful of the spirit world. Zhuang who have moved to urban areas have been highly influenced by the government's educational system, and many have become atheists.

Engagement // What’s Happening Now

In the blog post ‘Truth on the Court”, a global worker shares their experience on working in communities that have not heard the gospel and the creative ways in which they were able to minister to two young boys from Northern Asia. Pray for global workers to find ways in which to creatively reach the Zhuang people of Northern Asia.

Sustainability // The Bigger Story

In order to be able to enter and reach many of the people groups in Northern Asia, prayer is fundamental. Priority 31 focuses on mobilizing and equipping the church for prayer. Visit their website to become an advocate through praying for the Zhuang.

Partnership // Move Beyond

  • Please spend a few minutes in prayer for:
  • Pray that those among the Zhuang who practice animism would see the light of Christ.
  • Pray for the Zhuang who now live in urban areas. Pray that God’s Spirit would minister among those who have no faith.
  • Pray for workers to join in reaching the Zhuang.