The Utsat people are a small group of Muslims numbering around 8,000 located on the southernmost tip of tropical Hainan Island in the South China Sea. Among the Chinese, they are known as Huihui, a repetition of Hui—the generic term for Muslims in China. Traditionally, they are known as Utsat or Tsat.

Few Utsat have ever heard the gospel, and there has never been a single known Christian from among their group. They are considered resistant to change since much of their identity as a people is strongly linked with their religion. The nearest vibrant Christian community to the Utsat are Indonesian believers living on Hainan Island.

Prayer Points

  • The Utsat insist that abandoning Islam means becoming Han Chinese. Pray that this social and religious tension would find peaceful resolution among the Utsat who come to Christ.
  • Turning from Islam to Christ requires immense courage from Utsat people. Pray for Spirit-inspired courage among those in this unreached people group who have yet to accept Jesus as Savior. Pray also that faith would bind together the hearts of those who bear witness to the gospel.
  • Pray that efforts to share Christ with the Utsat would move forward with these words of Jesus in mind.

Photo source: Joshua Project