An estimated 165,000 Buriat live in China. Sizable Buriat populations also exist in Russia and Mongolia. While many of the groups outside of China practice Buddhism, those living in Northern Asia mostly practice shamanism. Because the Buriat in each of the three countries speak different languages, they are considered separate ethnolinguistic groups, and each of them is classified as unreached. *

Engagement // What’s Happening Now

There are few known Christians among the Buriat. Some have recently converted to Christianity as a result of house church movements in a nearby province, but many new Buriat believers lack access to the Scriptures and other Christian resources in their language. Some, however, have access to the Scripture in Russian. A Buriat man named Boris used this important tool to grow in his Christian walk.

Boris received Christ at an international church in Beijing. Shortly afterward, he read through the Russian New Testament and was baptized in the Holy Spirit. He has since been on a trip to reach unreached villages among the Nanai people group. Just two days into the trip, Boris announced, “I am learning so much!”

By the end of the church planting trip, a leader from a Nanai village said to the church planting team, “When you come back again, bring the Buriat man!”

Sustainability // The Bigger Story

There are very few workers among the Buriat and a Bible does not exist in their native tongue.

Pray for laborers who are patient and willing to learn the language and cultural traditions of the Buriat so that they may effectively train and equip believers and workers in this region.

Partnership // Move Beyond

  • Please spend a few minutes in prayer for:
  • Pray for unity among the few Buriat believers. Pray that they would both experience and communicate the love of Christ to those in their context who don’t yet know Christ
  • Pray that the Spirit would move in believers’ hearts to translate the Scriptures into the Buriat language.

    Entrepreneurs:  Much of Northern Asia has seen progress in technology and improvement in the quality of life, the Buriat have seen few due to their remoteness. How can your skill set add value to their current way of life?

    Readers, Writers, Speakers:  A Bible does not exist for the Buriat in their native language. How can the message of the Gospel be effectively communicated to the Buriat of Northern Asia?

    Problem Solvers: Burkanism is a new religion that has begun to grow among the Buriat. How can you effectively share the truth with the Buriat?

    * Operation China 2000