The Northern Hmu are an indigenous people group concentrated in the eastern Guizhou Province. They are part of the Maio, Northern Qiandong people group cluster, which spread out over 53 countries. The Hmu number over 2 million and are the largest of the Maio people groups. The Hmu are disliked by their Chinese counterparts and have been ill-treated for centuries. But the Hmu find community in their own language and religious customs, such as the belief in a shaman who gives you the path to heaven upon death or their yearly Dragon Boat Festival. Their language is a branch of the Hmong family, and the Northern Hmu are the largest sect of that linguistic family. In 1934, a Hmu New Testament was created. The Hmu, however, have a general disdain for outsiders and their messages. To this day, the Evangelical population remains significantly low at .25%.

Prayer Points 

  • Pray for the small Christian community and that God would begin to move strongly in their community.
  • Pray that God would send his people who will boldly love and show the grace of God to these people.
  • Pray that the resilient hearts of the Hmu would open up to the message of the Gospel.
  • Pray that they will know the joy and peace that comes through God alone.

Photo source: Joshua Project