The Naxi are a people group with a rich history and culture. They likely migrated from northwestern China to Tibet approximately 1000 years ago and now inhabit the Himalayan foothills. The Naxi attribute their creation to an elephant-headed god named Ganesha. Most notable of their culture is their ancient pictographic script. This script developed more than 1000 years ago and was read only by their priests called Dongbas. In the 1940s, Dongba was a largely practiced religion, but by the 1950s there were few Dongba priests left. Most today do not practice any religion, but some still practice a mix of ancestor worship and animism.  

Engagement // What’s Happening Now

The Northern Asia Network exists to bring the gospel to China through compassion ministries, English classes, and bringing awareness to the unreached. In one village a girl never had a toothbrush, and her mouth ached incessantly.

A Northern Asia Compassionate Touch worker said, “Who knew that by passing out toothbrushes and doing simple seminars on oral hygiene, a whole town could be saved from tooth decay? I was amazed by the people’s thankfulness and how thrilled they were to own a toothbrush.”

Pray the work being done through the Northern Asia Network will come to the Naxi, and through compassion ministry and sharing the gospel, many will give their lives to Christ.

Partnership // Move Beyond

  • It is estimated that about 200 Naxi Christians live in the city of Lijiang. Pray God empowers these Christians to be a light in their villages.
  • Pray churches will be planted in the Naxi communities to promote growth and discipleship among the Christians there.
  • Pray for those called to serve the Naxi through Northern Asia Network, that through their service the Naxi will know the love of God.
  • Pray their hearts will be softened and receptive to the gospel.

Photo source: Joshua Project