The Ha Li live on an island in Northern Asia. They number about 692,000, and the Ha language is the lingua franca used by the Li in Hainan. Also on this small island, lives diverse wildlife which attracts visitors and hunters. The Ha Li worship the god Pa-Thung. They believe that Pa-Thung sends devils to watch over villages. The Ha Li offer sacrifices by paying priests or witch doctors. They believe that if they sacrifice financially the witchdoctors and priests will appeal “Pa-Thung for help when there is famine, sickness, or storms.

Engagement // What’s Happening Now

There are approximately 1,000 Christians among the Ha Li. Currently, scripture has not been translated into their native tongue and many of the Christian Ha Li follow unbiblical or heretical practices. A Bible in the Ha Li language is needed for them to be able to familiarize themselves with the teachings of the Bible.

Partnership // Move Beyond

  • There is a lack of knowledge of the Bible among the few Christians there, which has led to strange practices. Pray that divine guidance comes to their community.
  • There is currently no Bible translated into their language. Pray God will compel believers to translate the gospel into their language.
  • Pray for workers who will follow God’s call to minister and preach to the Ha Li.