The Ewenki, Solon of Northern Asia are the largest of the four Ewenki groups. The name Ewenki means “mountain forest people”. The Ewenki people are able to survive harsh temperatures in Northern Asia. The Ewenki, Solon are nomadic people who live in yurts due to the yurt’s ease to be transported and assembled. The Ewenki are usually fishers and hunters, they also raise reindeer. A majority of the Ewenki, Solon practice ethnic religions that combine ancestor worship with shamanism.

Engagement // What’s Happening Now

Currently, there are no believers among the Ewenki, Solon. In the 1800s Christian workers were able to engage the Ewenki, Solon with the gospel but none of the Ewenki, Solon have been known to maintain Christianity as their way of life.

Sustainability // The Bigger Story

The Ewenki, Solon live in remote areas and are nomadic. Pray for workers who will live among the Ewenki, Solon and learn the Ewenki language to bring the message of salvation to them.

Partnership // Move Beyond

Entrepreneurs: How can you use any bi-vocational skills that you have to reach the Ewnki, Solon with the message of salvation?

Readers, Writers, Speakers:  The Ewenki language is thought to be unintelligible or impossible to understand. Pray asking the Holy Spirit if he would have you live among the Ewenki and learn their language to creatively share the gospel.

Problem Solvers: In the 1800s Christian workers visited the Ewenki, Solon. Many were engaged with the gospel but continued their ancestor worship and shamanistic practices. Workers who can effectively disciple and teach the Ewenki, Solon are greatly needed.

Photo source: Joshua Project