Most of the approximately 150,000 Daur living in northern Asia inhabit land on both sides of the Nenjiang River. The Daur are divided into a social hierarchy, and groups with the same family name inhabit a group of villages. These villages are then divided into smaller clans. In the 20th century, the Daur population in this region was nearly cut in half as a result of war, disease, and assimilation to the broader Chinese culture and language.

An initial effort to spread the gospel to the Daur resulted in a small percentage of the population coming to Christ. As the first Christians among this unreached people group seek to honor Christ among neighbors who consult shamans and practice Buddhism, the Daur need prayer from Christians across the world.

Prayer Points

—  Pray for Daur Christians who are boldly proclaiming the gospel despite being the religious minority in their context and threatened by authorities. Pray that Jesus’ name would take root within the Daur culture.

—  The dwindling Daur population is a result of war, strife, and social insensitivity. Pray that as the Daur encounter Jesus, they would live to make Him known in their context.

—  Pray that this unreached people group would find peace through Christ’s love and grace in the midst of their struggle to forge an identity.

—  In the 1990s, the Jesus film was made available to the Daur in Mandarin. As a result, more than 1,000 came to Christ. Pray that new initiatives would be created to spread the gospel and nurture the seed that has already been planted among the Daur.