The Bai of Northern Asia is considered the second-largest minority group in Northern Asia. The Bai number around 3,043,800 with only 2.6% of their population professing faith in Jesus. In recent decades, traditional Bai culture has eroded as a result of majority efforts to force the Bai to assimilate to the practices of the surrounding culture. Bai villages can usually be found near lakes and mountain slopes to provide more space for cultivating rice. Most Bai live according to traditional Buddhist teachings, and the head of the household usually has authority in spiritual matters.

Engagement // What’s Happening Now

The words or John Kuhn 50 years ago remain true today, “No wide-spread work of evangelization will ever be done among them until the message is taken to them in Minchia [Bai] tongue.”*

Pray for the few believers among the Bai, that they may be strengthened to share the message of salvation in their communities.

Sustainability // The Bigger Story

Currently, a translation of the Bible in this people group’s native language does not exist, and although underground churches can be found among them, no framework is available for training pastors and Christian leaders.

Pray for laborers who are patient and willing to learn the language and cultural traditions of the Bai in order to effectively train and equip pastors and workers in this region.

Partnership // Move Beyond

Entrepreneurs:  Much of Northern Asia has seen progress in technology and improvement in the quality of life, the Bai have seen few due to their remoteness. How can your skill set add value to their current way of life?

Readers, Writers, Speakers:  The native language of the Bai is unwritten and many have never heard the gospel message. Would you be willing to use your language skills to give the Bai access to the Word of God?

Problem Solvers: Due to the native Bai language being unwritten, formal training of the few believers seems impossible. Do you have a solution in mind that crosses cultural barriers and effectively trains the small number of believers among the Bai to share the message of hope?