The Yaminahua, Jaminawa live along the rivers of eastern Peru. This indigenous people group numbers approximately 900 people in Peru and 2500 in the world. In the early twentieth century, rubber became an important commodity in the Western world, and in colonial provinces of the Amazon, native people were forced into labor. During this period, the Yaminahua fled to the rivers to isolate themselves from the slavery and violence brought by the rubber boom.

Over the years some of the Yaminahua acculturated and began to trade and work with Peruvian companies, but many still remain isolated and unreached.

Engagement // What’s Happening Now

In a Wycliffe article concerning the Yaminahua, a translator wrote a draft of the Gospel of Luke in their language. When the translator asked a Yaminahua man what would happen if he brought that to his village, the man replied with tears, “God will start to change all of us.” A New Testament now exists in their language, and Wycliffe is working to produce the JESUS film in their language.

At the same time, LAC World Missions is working to equip and send out local pastors and missionaries to indigenous groups such as the Yaminahua.

Sustainability // The Bigger Story

Though a New Testament has been translated, the literacy rate is below 1 percent and only two schools exist among the Yaminahua. Lack of education poses a challenge but it also provides an opportunity for missionaries. LAC’s priority initiatives include reaching the 405 unreached people groups of the region through creative and innovative ways. Pray that schools will be established that partner with the local church in order to provide a foundational element to understanding Scripture as well as a point of access for missions.

Partnership // Move Beyond

• Pray that through engagement many of the Yaminahua people will come to a relationship with God.

• Pray for the missionaries who will minister in their communities.

• Pray for creative ideas among missionaries and pastors to handle the issue of literacy and lack of education.

• Pray for the Old Testament and the JESUS film to be produced.