The name Ticuna comes from “Taco-una” meaning “men painted black.” They have this name because they often painted their bodies black with genipapo juice. They live in villages of 70 to 1500; the most populous villages are in Brazil. They are organized by clans which are identified by a name of birds, animals, plants.

The Ticuna believed in Ta’e who is a deity that inhabits the world above and gives Ticuna their souls. Yo’i and Ipi are cultural heroes who confront demons in the world and the world below. Nutapa was the first man, and Me’tare was a powerful shaman who began the female initiation ceremony. Some still practice the traditional religion, but most Ticuna are Catholic now. 

Partnership // Move Beyond

  • Pray for LAC World Missions as they partner with the national church to reach unreached tribes in the Amazon.
  • Pray Assemblies of God churches are planted in Ticuna villages.
  • Pray for spiritual awakening in Ticuna churches.