The Achuar live near the Aguaje Palms. They are a Jivaroan people group which are found in both Ecuador and Peru along the Maranon River and tributaries. The name “Jivaro” was given to the people by the Spanish conquerors; and in that time period, the Jivaro fought against the changing society. Many tribes have isolated themselves to retain the traditional way of life.

The Achuar practice shamanism and witchcraft. They serve numerous gods, such as Nungui who makes the plants grow. At puberty they practice enhanced dreams and soul journeys by drinking hallucinogenic drinks called “maikoa.” In these dreams a “arutam” soul will come to them and protect them; upon this event they are prepared for adult activities.

Engagement // What’s Happening Now

Joli and Leah Marbut have been working with the Shuar people (a Jivaro people group) in Ecuador. Over the course of their ministry they have planted 35 churches and intend to plant 30 more. Like the Achuar Jivaro, these Indians are in dense forest and isolated region where only small planes, canoes, and other small vehicles can reach. But their perseverance and patience to reach the Shuar resulted in changed lives and medical help. Pray that the same will be done for the Achuar Jivaro in Peru.

Partnership // Move Beyond

  • Pray teams will be sent to minister among the Achuar Jivaro.
  • Pray for LAC missions and the national church as they work to reach the UPGs in Peru.
  • Pray God opens the hearts of the Achuar to receive the gospel.
  • Pray for openness from the local Indians as missionaries enter their villages.