The Shuar live in the southeast corner of the Amazon jungle in Ecuador. Having once been nomadic, the Shuar now live in permanent dwellings. They are communal and live very traditional lives, most without running water and electricity. There are 66,000 Shuar spread over an area that is a mostly dense jungle and accessible only by canoe or on foot. Only 0.50% of the Shuar are known to be evangelical with many of them following animistic rituals. They are defenders and protectors of their land and people most notably fending themselves aggressively against outsiders who may try to hurt them.

Engagement // What’s Happening Now

AGWM Missionaries Joil and Leah Marbut were able to lead a team from the US which ministered to women in the Shuar region. They were able to minister by providing basic health needs and also by listening to their stories. “The women were broken, abused, hurting, confused, depressed, and had no purpose in life. Jesus changed all of that with a simple home visit, basic medical care and that knowledge that Jesus values women” says Marbut.

Invite the Spirit to help you consider the ways your passion might align with the Marbuts and the Shuar in the future. What projects resonate with your spirit?

Sustainability // The Bigger Story

Current engagement with the Shuar includes church planting, community health initiatives, a mother church, and a home for at-risk Shuar girls. AGWM missionaries have trained pastors from among the Shuar, and three times a year they host college interns to help with outreaches. In addition, missionaries to the Shuar have hosted more than 150 MAPS and AIM teams in the last 10 years.

Partnership // Move Beyond

Please spend a few minutes in prayer for:

  • The Shuar learn and share life through storytelling. Recently the Bible has been translated into the Shuar language. Pray for creative storytellers who may come and share the Gospel story with the Shuar. Are you up for the challenge of communicating it to them?
  • Many of the Shuar communities have no access to potable water and those who do constantly suffer from waterborne illnesses. Pray for workers to join who can work in order to find solutions for this developing people group. How could you assist in what’s already being done to develop a solution?