According to the joshua project, only 1 percent of the more than 66,000 Purepecha are evangelical Christians.

Engagement — What’s Happening Now

Currently, there are AG churches in Mexico’s Bajio district, and pastors have opportunity to communicate with the Purepecha through outreaches.

Sustainability — The Bigger Story

Property has been purchased to build a Bible school among the Purepecha, and plans for the school are underway. The school is being built the Bajio district, which encompasses three states: Michoacán, Guanajuato and Querétaro. The city of Morelia, located in Michoacán, the most centrally located of the three states, serves as the district headquarters. Currently, students receive training in three churches located in various areas of the district, but the plan is to bring all the extensions and district offices under one roof in Morelia.

Partnership — Move Beyond

— Pray that construction of the Bible school will proceed on schedule and that local believers would be trained to preach the gospel among the unreached both in their immediate context and around the world.

— Pray for the teams of workers participating in the building project.

— Pray for local AG pastors and lay leaders as they strategize and prepare to reach the Purepecha.

— Pray for divine appointments to spread the gospel among the unreached as a result of the Bible school’s construction.

Entrepreneurs: Many Purepecha are skilled artisans who are famous for making guitars, furniture, copper pots, and jewelry.

Readers, Writers, Speakers: A number of worship songs have been translated into the Purepecha language and are sung during outreaches.

Problem Solvers: Teams and financial help are needed in the construction process. When the building project is completed, the school will also need computers, resources for its library, and furnishings for classrooms and dorms. Consider partnering with Builders International to reach the thousands of unreached Purepecha.