There are only 600 Pisabo in Peru. They are only found in Peru, and there is little known about them. There are no known Christians among them, and they do not have a Bible in their language. Like most Peruvian indigenous Amazon groups, they likely practice forms of animism or shamanism.

LAC World Missions is working with the local church to reach unreached tribes such as the Pisabo. Pray God leads them and gives them the wisdom to reach the Pisabo people. Many of these tribes live in isolated, hard to reach areas. Pray for safety and equipment for missionaries to travel to Pisabo villages.

Partnership // Move Beyond

  • Pray God sends teams to engage the Pisabo through compassion and contextual ministry.
  • Pray God reveals himself to the Pisabo people in visions and miracles.
  • Pray the Holy Spirit prepares their hearts to receive the gospel.