The Wiwa live in the Sierra Nevada region of northern Colombia in an area they call “the heart of the world.” The number of Wiwa is estimated at about 7,000. Historically, the Wiwa have had little contact with others and are determined to remain isolated from the outside world. Wiwa culture places a high value on wearing white cotton clothing, and men are expected to wear their hair long. To suggest a change in their clothing or hairstyle would be considered offensive.

The Wiwa hold the “Ancient Mother” as their main god, they blend animism and worship of nature in their religious beliefs. Wiwa visit shamans, also known as Mamos, to perform rituals and to seek divination of the future. 

Engagement // What’s Happening Now

A Colombian missionary family is currently working with the Wiwa and the neighboring Kankuamo people (another unreached people group) to disciple new believers. A group of Wiwa students was recently presented with the story of Christ’s death and resurrection for the first time.

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Sustainability // The Bigger Story

The missionary family is reaching nine Wiwa students who have no access to secondary schools. By opening their home to these students and teaching them on the weekends, the missionaries are able to help them gain an education while influencing them spiritually.

There are currently more than 20 Wiwa from surrounding communities who also study on the weekends. The missionaries’ dream is to open their homes to each of these students and minister to them while providing them with an education.

Partnership // Move Beyond

Entrepreneurs: Missionaries to the Wiwa recently embarked on a project to construct a building to house Wiwa students and visitors. Consider how you might partner with them.

Readers, Writers, Speakers: The Wiwa are being reached through education. Consider how your calling might align with the efforts to reach the Wiwa for Christ.

Problem Solvers: Many Wiwa children are growing up without access to education, proper medical care or adequate nutrition. How might the Spirit be inspiring you to address these issues?

Photo Source: Joshua Project