Approximately 17,000 Kokama live along the Lagunas and Ucayali rivers in Peru. The Spanish first contacted them in 1594, and in the following century, the Cocama became raiders and pirates on the river. After centuries of strained relationships with the Spanish, they are now mostly assimilated. They are horticulturists and grow maize, sweet potatoes, beans, yams, avocados, bananas, and other foods.

Engagement // What’s Happening Now

LAC ChildHope, which is formerly Latin America ChildCare, is a compassion ministry geared toward ministering to children in Latin America. They have 46 missionaries in 20 countries. They provide education in a Christian setting and medical care. Pray for those working in Peru and consider being a sponsor. Learn how you can engage through sponsorship here:

Sustainability // The Bigger Story

LAC World Missions has numerous educational opportunities to equip pastors, such as Latin America Theological Seminary and Latin America Advanced School of Theology. Pray that through this educational resource LAC pastors and missionaries would be equipped and prepared to share the gospel effectively in their communities.

Partnership // Move Beyond

  • Pray God calls students from these seminaries to bring the gospel to Cocama villages.
  • Pray God empowers them with the Holy Spirit to share the gospel with power.
  • Pray for God’s leading as LAC pastors and missionaries work to reach the unreached tribes in the Amazon.