The Cashinahua live in the Ucayali region of Peru along the Curanja and Purus rivers. They refer to themselves as the Huni Kuin meaning “true people.” They place value on extended family, and most villages consist of two related families. They are unique in that the head shaman has no strong authority; in general, no order is assured to be obeyed in their society, so all cooperation is based on good will. They are traditionally animists, and spirits are like human beings in that they can be good or evil. They believe they can see spirits under the influence of a hallucinogen called nishi pae.    

Engagement // What’s Happening Now

HealthCare Ministries is a compassion ministry that provides medical outreaches and various health initiatives. They serve in countries where people groups have minimal access to healthcare services. HealthCare Ministries provides a practical solution to the physical and spiritual needs of many Indian tribes in the Amazon. Pray that God leads HealthCare Ministry teams to engage Cashinahua Indians.

Sustainability // The Bigger Story

A significant number of Cashinahua live in Brazil and most are Christian, approximately 30 percent evangelical. Pray that the Christian Cashinahua in Brazil will reach out to the tribes in Peru.

Partnership // Move Beyond

  • Pray for LAC missionaries as they work to reach unreached tribes in the Amazon.
  • Pray the Holy Spirit empowers Cashinahua Christians in Brazil to share the gospel with tribes in Peru.
  • Pray their hearts would be open to receive the gospel.