The Kankuamo of Colombia number about 4000. The Kankuamo live in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta in Colombia. The Kankuamo have their beliefs rooted in a great universal mother who created the world. This great universal mother created their homeland and gave them the southeast slope of the Sierra in Colombia. They grow fruits in the lowlands and potatoes and onions in the highlands. Because of their easily accessible location, they were colonized by the Spanish. They still lean on their religious practices as a means of unity with their indigenous past.

Sustainability // The Bigger Story

The Latin America & Caribbean (LAC) region are unrelenting in their efforts to reach the unreached in Latin America. They are partnering with the national church and are training pastors, students and families to reach into these unreached areas such as the foothills of the Sierra Nevada in Colombia.

Partnership // Move Beyond

  • There are some Kankuamo Christians, but they are marginal. Their religion has Christian roots but does not have orthodox doctrine or theology. Pray that ministers would go to their village to provide guidance and sound teaching.
  • Pray for LAC World Missions as they partner with the local church to reach unreached people groups throughout the region.
  • As workers share the gospel, pray God moves in their hearts, and that many if not all of them will put their faith in Him.