The Huarayo are a Peruvian people group who live along the Madre de Dios River Basin on the Andean east slopes. The name Huarayo dates to Inca rule, and they were likely vassals of the Inca empire. In the early twentieth century, Dominican missionaries began working among the Huarayo. Though the Hurarayo have been exposed to Christianity, animism is still strongly practiced. The shaman mediates between them and the spiritual world.   

Engagement // What’s Happening Now

ChildHope is a compassion ministry in Latin America Caribbean that shares the gospel to children through educational, nutritional, and health programs. They are located throughout Latin America Caribbean. See what they do by clicking on the link below:

Readers, Writers, and Speakers

In 2012 the Huarayo New Testament was completed but most of their Old Testament remains untranslated. Pray for organizations like Wycliffe, that a complete Bible will be translated in their language. Pray also for other language resources such as audio books and visual resources.

Partnership // Move Beyond

  • Pray teams will be sent to plant churches among the Huarayo.
  • Pray for LAC World Missions as they work with the National church to reach unreached people groups.
  • Pray God sends workers to minister among them.