The Chayahuita people in Peru number around 14,000 and live in 105 villages near the Amazon Basin of Peru. About 250-300 villagers inhabit each Chayahuita village. These villages are divided into three districts, two of which are only accessible by river. Within the Chayahuita there are fewer than 200 believers. The Chayahuita people live as farmers and hunters. Many of the Chayahuita live in poverty and do not have access to proper healthcare or basic needs.

Engagement // What’s Happening Now

There are many remote Chayahuita communities which are not easily accessible. A couple of global workers who have partnered with the Peruvian Assemblies of God for many years have traveled to the Amazon Basin. They have been able to see several Chayahuita come to Christ after sharing Bible narratives and building relationships. This same couple has also witnessed Jesus instantly heal a Chayahuita man from malaria and fever. Pray for more laborers to work within this people group, only 0.40% of the Chayahuita are known to be believers.

Sustainability // The Bigger Story

The Peruvian Assemblies of God currently has three evangelization efforts underway among the Chayahuita and is looking for opportunities to expand to other villages. Steve Ford, who facilitates the national church’s outreach in the area, reports that although most of the villages have no church witness, a firm Christian testimony has been established in a few communities, and local believers have a desire to share the gospel with their neighbors.

Partnership // Move Beyond

Please spend a few minutes in prayer for:

  • Chayahuita history is unknown and unrecorded pray for the Chayahuita to find roots and identity in Jesus.
  • Pray that the partnership between AG missionaries and the Peruvian Assemblies of God would have a lasting impact on the Chayahuita.
  • Many of the Chayahuita suffer from insect-borne diseases, pray for compassion and health ministries to serve the Chayahuita.

Photo source: Joshua Project