The Chatino communities are located in the southeastern region of Oaxaca, Mexico. The Chatino are found in nine municipalities and number approximately 23,000. This group is in the Yaitepec municipality, which means “three hills.” Chatino means “words work,” and is the name of their language as well. Their name distinguished them from the neighboring Zapotec, meaning “crazy words.” The Chatino are a blend of Catholicism and pre-Hispanic beliefs. They believe humans, animals, spirits, ancestors, deities, and saints interact with each other to keep the universe in order. They also believe doors are entrances to layers of heavens and underworlds, and from these doors, gods and spirits can come into “houses” such as caves, mountaintops, and rivers.

 Engagement // What’s Happening Now

Poverty remains a major problem for the Chatino, leading to malnutrition, health issues, and other problems. HealthCare Ministries (HCM) is an international ministry that provides “short-term medical, dental, optical, and health teaching outreaches while connecting people to a community of faith.” Pray that through the ministry of HCM in partnership with the local church, many Chatino will be saved or be connected with an AG church.

Since their beginning, HCM has ministered to approximately 480,000 people and led 100,072 in the prayer of salvation.

 Sustainability // The Bigger Story

The Assemblies of God in Mexico has over 6000 centers and 7000 ministers. As the churches in Mexico partner with LAC World Missions to reach the lost, pray they send teams to the Chatino, Yaitepec, and plant churches in their communities.

Visit LAC Pipeline to become involved in reaching the Chatino, Yaitepec of Mexico.

 Partnership // Move Beyond

Please spend a few minutes in prayer for:

  • Pray for the Chatino living in poverty, that God will use compassion ministries like HCM to share the gospel through meeting practical needs.
  • The evangelical percentage is at .4 percent. Pray that a church is planted in their community.
  • Pray for a complete Bible to be translated into their language.