The Chamicura live in the Loreta region along the Huallaga tributary. Most are Roman Catholic and some practice ancient religions. Joshua Project marks them as superficially reached, as there are few evangelicals and their form of Christianity is likely syncretized with various forms of animism.

 Engagement // What’s Happening Now

According to the LAC article, “A Priest, a Pastor, and a Witchdoctor Walk into a…,” because of the way Catholicism forcefully came to the South American tribes, many converted to Christianity without understanding it. Now, many Christian tribes, like the Chamicura, deviate from Orthodox Christianity. In Peru, it is illegal for priests to preach against syncretism in their church, and in Bolivia, one cannot proselytize without written consent from the tribal leadership.

 Sustainability // The Bigger Story

Even though the majority of the Chamicuro speak Spanish. In the home many speak Chamicuro, which is one of the rarest languages in the world; there are only 100 speakers. There are no resources or translations in their language.

Partnership // Move Beyond

Please spend a few minutes in prayer for:

  • LAC World Missions recognizes that syncretism, animism, idolatry, and distorted images of Christ are prevalent in Latin America. Pray for them as they work to share the gospel and disciple new believers.
  • Pray for workers to serve and disciple Chamicura believers.
  • Pray for understanding and discernment as Chamicura believers seek God.
  • Pray for Christian resources to be made available to the Chamicura in their native language.