The Cashibo-Cacataibo are a Panoan Language tribe living along the Aguaytía River in eastern Peru. Early missionary efforts were met with hostility; and when approached by foreigners, they retreated farther into the forest. Today, 2100 reside in five major communities, and some remain isolated. There is a general openness to foreigners and missionaries today, but they are predominantly unreached.

Engagement // What’s Happening Now

AG missionary Steve Ford has served in Peru since early 1992. He began by ministering to the Mestizo people, but he felt led by the Holy Spirit to begin ministering to tribes in the Amazon.

Upon entering a Candoshi village, the wife of the chief pleaded with him to help her sick child. He went into the house, prayed with the young girl, and the next morning she was healed.

Bryan Webb states, “Watching the scene, I thought again of other villages along the Amazon where the message of Christ is unknown. O Lord, I plead again, help us tell them.”

Their prayer is our prayer. Pray the Lord will continue to guide the mission’s efforts to the Cashibo-Cacataibo and other tribes in the Amazon.

Sustainability // The Bigger Story

LAC is partnering with the local churches in Peru to reach indigenous tribes. Pray that pastors and leaders will be called to the Cashibo-Cacataibo.

Partnership // Move Beyond

Partner with us in prayer for the Cashibo-Cacataibo:

• Pray the Cashibo-Cacataibo will be reached through the efforts of LAC.

• Pray the Holy Spirit empowers missionaries to effectively minister among these people.

• Pray for a complete Bible in their language.