The Betoye of Colombia are a small people group who number about 800 but are still in dire need of hearing the message of salvation, only 1% of their population is evangelical. The Betoye are an indigenous people group who practice ancient healing rituals with the use of plants. They are known to be friendly and partner with the surrounding indigenous groups to trade goods such as fish, plantains, chocolate, and rice.

Engagement // What’s Happening Now

 While access to the gospel is available in many regions in Colombia many people remain resistant to the gospel or face rejection due to their tribal affiliations. A few years ago, through a missions training course in a province of Colombia “several tribal leaders … sensed God calling them to share the Gospel among neighboring unreached tribes.”

Pray for these tribal leaders that they may be strengthened and encouraged as they share the message of Jesus to indigenous peoples which include the Betoye.

Sustainability // The Bigger Story

Latin American & Carribean (LAC) World Missions is actively joining efforts with the Colombian national church to reach the Betoye. LAC is currently developing multicultural teams and reassessing the traditional models which have previously guided the expansion of the gospel message in order to be more effective.

Pray for the partnership between the national church in Colombia and AGWM that it may produce fruitful results among the Betoye.

Click here to join the efforts to reach the Betoye of Colombia.

Partnership // Move Beyond

Please spend a few minutes in prayer for:

  •  Pray for more laborers who will commit to living among the Betoye.
  • Pray for the local church to be burdened by the spiritual need among the Betoye and to reach out to the Betoye in their communities.
  • Pray for Christian resources to be made available to the Betoye in their native language.