The Aguaruna are indigenous to the jungles in Peru, many living along the rivers in northern Peru. The Aguaruna are characterized by their bravery and independence. They were also known in the past for the practice of shrinking the heads of their enemies. The Aguaruna live in villages which usually have up to 150 people, and a vast majority make a living through horticulture and hunting. They also grow several crops and raise cattle.
Their village is led by a headman, but his power is dependent on the qualities of his kin. Kinship is important to the villages, so marriages tend to happen within kin-relationships. The Aguaruna believe that spirits live in the water, they also worship mythological gods such as Mother Earth or Nugkui and Bikut, the father shaman. The Aguarana practice Shamanism and there are two forms of shamans: Iwishin or Tajimat Tunchi, who are curing shamans, and Wawek Tunchi, who are sorcerers.

Engagement // What's Happening Now

AGWM missionaries along with the Peruvian AG held a women’s conference for women from the mountains, jungles, and cities. Many women found healing, salvation, and guidance from God through this conference. Pray that the influence of this conference may reach the Aguaruna in their jungle villages.

Sustainability // The Bigger Story

The Aguaruna are unreached people in Latin America. LAC’s vision is to reach all unreached people and to disciple and empower them to reach others.

Partnership // Move Beyond

Please spend a few minutes in prayer for:

  • Pray for the few believers among the Aguaruna, that they may find freedom from any spiritual oppression.
  • The Aguaruna live in remote jungles pray more workers to join LAC in reaching the Aguaruna.
  • Pray for a Jesus Film to be made available in Ahuajan the native language of the Aguaruna.
  • Pray the local church and LAC World Missions will work to establish churches and preaching points in Aguaruna villages.