The primary focus of LIFE Publishers International is to equip believers around the world to preach, reach, teach and expand. This is done through providing a variety of materials to train pastors and evangelists and teaching children. The primary tool LIFE Publishers produces is the Fire BibleĀ®, the most comprehensive and widely distributed study Bible in the world. The Fire BibleĀ® is now in print in 40 language editions with another 32 in development.

The passion for evangelism and reaching unreached people groups burns brightly in the hearts of local believers across the globe. Quite often, our role as Western missionaries and missions organizations is to enable and equip these brothers and sisters to exponentially multiply their effectiveness. Unreached people groups are often unreached because Western missionaries have extremely limited or no access to them. However, local believers can penetrate the barriers of national borders, communication challenges, and cultural differences with little difficulty. As we, the Western church, enable and equip these national churches to fulfill their Great Commission mandate, we are effectively fulfilling our own. These ten Bible language editions have the potential of reaching 2,119 unreached people groups: