Jacob’s Hope is working around the world to bring hope to Jewish people, the “children of Jacob,” by offering them humanitarian and medical aid, and sharing the good news of the Messiah. The Jewish people are coming to faith in their Messiah, Y’shua, in large numbers. Through Jacob’s Hope, the Assemblies of God is blazing trails in Jewish outreach.

The focus of Jacob’s Hope is on reaching unreached Jewish people around the world. An estimated 16 million Jewish people live scattered around the globe. Some estimates show that as many as 95 percent of them have never heard a culturally relevant, contextually correct presentation of the gospel. The nation of Israel is approximately 99.8 percent unreached.

In order to connect with these unreached peoples, believers with Jacob’s Hope distribute food and clothing; clean and paint houses for the elderly; help the Jewish community by cleaning cemeteries; clean and repair community centers; and conduct health clinics, seminars and outreaches. They work among unreached people groups in Russia, Ukraine, Turkey, Czech Republic, Ethiopia, Hungary and Israel, primarily focusing on the Russian- and Hebrew-speaking Jewish people.

Jacob’s Hope works to become part of the community and bring hope and dignity to the Jewish people. Its leaders hold training sessions with Messianic Jewish leadership in order to train them to reach UPGs.

For more information on Jacob’s Hope and to see how they are ministering throughout the world, please visit their website