As a specialized ministry of Assemblies of God World Missions, Global Initiative: Reaching Muslim Peoples works collaboratively with each of AGWM’s six unique regions to reach Muslims in their contexts.

Below is a statistical breakdown showing the presence of Muslims in each of the six AGWM regions and the breadth of opportunity that exists for Global Initiative to reach them: *

Global Initiative forms strategic partnerships with national leaders and workers in the U.S. and abroad to empower them for effective, progressive mission.

Dr. Mark Hausfeld, international director of Global Initiative, sums up the ministry’s all-encompassing mission: “From our American neighborhoods to the ends of the earth, we reach Muslims everywhere.”

Global Initiative engages in the mission to equip and mobilize the Church through:

– an intercessory prayer fellowship comprised of tens of thousands of believers around the world,

– training national church planting teams in 30 locations worldwide through Institutes of Islamic Studies and Muslim Evangelism Training Seminars,

– funding church planting movements among Muslim peoples around the globe,

– initial training of AGWM missionaries to Muslim peoples at the Summer Institute of Islamic Studies,

– Muslim awareness seminars for the local church in the U.S. to engage and reach Muslims in their communities,

– research about Muslim Unreached People Groups concerning venues of value for long-term AG and national missionaries,

– resourcing Christian women to intentionally invest in Muslim women, and

– assisting young adults to engage Muslim peoples where they live and to create vision for their own ministry to Muslims.

You can join the intercessory movement, read the blog, and learn more about getting involved with Global Initiative here.

*People group and population statistics c/o in combination with AGWM-defined regions.