The Yazidi are from the valley of Lalish in Iraq and live in the Nineveh province. They follow an ancient monotheistic religion called Zoroastrianism which was founded in Iran and practiced by Persians for nearly 3500 years.

They are an exclusive people group and acceptance into the community can only be through birth. They do not accept converts and leaving to marry a non-Yazidi is punishable by death. Contact with non-Yazidis for a prolonged period of time is also prohibited.

Their belief revolves around angels who rule over the world’s affairs. They also believe that they descend from Adam but not Eve, rather they descend from Adam’s other wife Jar.

Partnership // Move Beyond

  • Because of the exclusivity of their religion, pray the Holy Spirit provides wisdom and discernment when ministering to Yazidi.
  • Pray for peace and protection for those who accept Christ.
  • Pray for more workers to share the gospel to Yazidi people.