The Vokkaliga are a people group living predominantly in southern parts of India in the state of Karnataka. They make up a considerable portion of the political, cultural, and economic influence in this part of India. The Vokkaliga are officially classified as an OBC (Other Backward Class). This classification is given by the Indian government as a caste or class of people that are educationally or socially disadvantaged. The Indian Constitution has pledged to ensure the social and educational development of the Vokkaliga as well as other groups that are considered as an OBC caste.

The Vokkaliga, also known as Gowda, have a significant amount of pride in their heritage and culture. In Kannada, their primary language, vokkaliga means tiller of the land. For many generations, the Vokkaliga were skilled agriculturalists and were well experienced in animal husbandry. Today, they are still known as a farming community and many still carry on the tradition while others have made significant headway into the political sphere in Karnataka.

The Vokkalinga practice Hinduism. Hinduism is the third largest world religion with over 1 billion followers predominantly in various parts of Eurasia and Southern Asia. Alongside polytheistic practices, worshipping multiple deities, Hindus believe in the immortality of souls through reincarnation. The soul of every living thing, atman, cannot be created or destroyed. The actions of the soul and the consequences  of those actions  gets carried through

Prayer Points:

  • Pray that the Vokkalinga people will have the chance to hear a clear presentation of the gospel and that the Holy Spirit will stir in their hearts a desire for holiness.
  • Ask God to use believers to begin Bible studies and church planting among all Hindus in Eurasia and the Asia Pacific
  • Pray that the Christians in this region will be bold in reaching out to their Vokkalinga neighbors with warmth and kindness presenting the message of the gospel.
  • Ask the Lord to call people who are ready and willing to go to India to share Christ with the Vokkalinga.