There are almost 9 million Southern Pashtun in Central Asia and over 35.5 million worldwide. The Pashtun are known for being passionate, loyal and fierce warriors who will defend their friends, family, and guests to death. There are some historians who believe that the Pashtun are descendants of King Saul from the Bible but the claim has not been verified. Nearly all Pashtun are devout followers of Islam and face dire consequences if they decide to leave Islam. Their community's fabric is interweaved with the whole community adhering to Islamic laws and norms. 

 Partnership // Move Beyond

Please spend a few minutes in prayer for:

  • Islam pervades the Pashtun culture. Pray for Pashtun believers who have been disowned by their families for converting to Christianity.
  • Pray that the more than 8.9 million Pashtun, most of whom have never met a Christian, would experience spiritual hunger.
  • Pray that Jesus would reveal himself to this Afghan people group in dreams.
  • Pray for Christian resources and literature to be made available in Pashto.