The Mingrelians are located primarily in the Northwest region of Georgia. They are a sub-ethnic group of Georgians and number about 310,000. Many of the Mingrelians consider themselves followers of the Georgian Orthodox religion with very few of them ever attending church. The Mingrelians are also known to combine ancient pagan traditions along with their belief in the Orthodox church. Mingrelians who have converted to Evangelical Christianity have suffered from much persecution in their communities. The Mingrelians are farmers and live in many of the rural regions. The Mingrelians have a very expressive culture; they mourn death publicly and intensely. There are many cultural rules and rituals which are practiced following the death of a family member.

 Engagement // What’s Happening Now

The Georgia Theological Institute, an AG-sponsored Ministry Training Center, is focusing on training and equipping pastors throughout the country of Georgia and mobilizing them to reach out to their communities and share the gospel with the unreached.

Jenkins, an AG missionary states: “We’re bringing pastors in, equipping them and giving them the tools to minister. The passion and fire in these students have only intensified. Once they get the right tools they’ll go out and preach, plant churches, and send out missionaries.”

Sustainability // The Bigger Story

Through Eurasia Northwest’s Adopt-A-Country Initiative you, your family, and community have the opportunity to integrate Mingrelians in Georgia into your everyday life. Adopting a country can take form in prayer, donation, or a short term trip which leads to eternal impact. Commit today to intercede, give, or go so that Mingrelians in Georgia may be reached.

Partnership // Move Beyond

  • Many Mingrelians speak, read and write Georgian but it is not their native language. A Bible translation in Mingrelian does not exist. Pray for the word of God to be made accessible to Mingrelians in Georgia.
  • Mingrelians typically live in rural areas. Many of the Mingrelians marry at a young age and do not hold religious ceremonies for their marriages. Mingrelians usually have large families, despite the importance placed on the family the most widely used form of birth control is still abortion. Pray that compassion ministries may enter into their communities and bring the gospel along with healthcare aid.
  • Pray for Mingrelians in Georgia to be receptive to the message of salvation.
  • Pray for believers in Georgia to be emboldened and burdened to share the Gospel with Mingrelians.