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The Lohar are a nomadic group of people originally descendants of high-caste weapon makers. When the Mewar kingdom fell in 1568, they fell in society and became poor nomads in the bottom tier of the Hindu caste system, also known as "untouchables." The Lohar are often misunderstood, they are viewed by other members in their society worthless, lazy, and liars. Their position in the Hindu caste system has been disadvantageous to this hardworking people group.

Hindu Lohar today live in Rajashthan, India but lead difficult lives. They primarily do business in making goods as blacksmiths and ironworkers. However, as many people forgo handmade goods to factory-made products, the demand for their trade is dwindling.  

Partnership // Move Beyond

Please spend a few minutes in prayer for the following:

  • The Hindu Lohar have been deemed "untouchable". Pray that missionaries would feel a need to go to the Lohar and show them that God shows no favoritism. He accepts all people, even those considered "untouchable".

  • Pray for the hearts of the Lohar; for them to be open to God and His love.

  • Christians are persecuted in India by Hindu extremists; pray for the soil to be broken in India and in other Hindu nations and cities, so that the gospel can be preached.

  • Pray for the missions groups and Christians in this region and among this people group. Ask the Lord for divine protection and intervention on behalf of those working for the Kingdom of God.