COUNTRIES: India, Nepal, Bhutan


The Lodha reside in various parts of India, Nepal and Bhutan, and have also been reported in Bangladesh, but a large majority of Lodha live in India. Particularly, in Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan, Gujarat, Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh, and Delhi. The Lodha are known in India as a peasant caste however since having claim to roots in Rajput ancestry, which is a higher class of Hindu warriors, the government has allowed for upward mobility within the Lodha population, also known as a backward peasant caste.  This upward mobility is made possible by the Indian Constitution allowed for benefits, government jobs, education, and other assistance provided to the Lodha.

Traditionally, Lodhi people were agriculturalists, but as the generations continue education is elevated and so are job prospects. Today, Lodhi people are represented in many different fields of work including business and politics. Others work in selling fruits and vegetables, rearing cattle, making ropes and wooden goods, or run small grocery-like shops.

The Lodha practice Hinduism by and large (over 99%).  In the Hindu tradition, each family clan worships a certain god or goddess. The Hindu gods that the Lodha specifically worship, including many other Hindu gods, are Kali, the black goddess, and Durga, the militant goddess. As their ancestry can be traced back to Rajput warriors they place their worship and devotion to their gods' militancy, power, and ferocity. Depending on where they are from, the Lodha also practice worship to regional deities like Goraiya, and Masan who are the regional gods of Madhya Pradesh. Like many other Hindus, the Lodha take part in traditional Hindu festivals and make pilgrimages to sacred places. 

Please spend a few minutes in prayer for the following:

  • Pray that the Lodhi people will have the chance to hear a clear presentation of the gospel and that the Holy Spirit will stir in their hearts a desire for holiness.

  • Pray that a strong movement of the Holy Spirit will move whole families to experience God's blessings.

  • Pray for the wellbeing of all the UPGs especially those living in the outskirts of society in India.

  • Pray for the very few believers among the Lodha community, that they are united and are growing in strength and spiritual maturity.

  • Ask the Lord to call people who are ready and willing to go to India and surrounding regions to share Christ with all UPGs including the Lodha.