Lahaula (or Lahuli Tinan) are a Bhotia people group located in both Northern India and China. Bhotia refers to people of Tibetan nationality and derives from the original name of the people, Bodpa. They were part of the Ladakhi empire until border clashes in the 1950s and 1960s, which resulted in China taking land from India. Many of the Lahaula in China are Buddhist; in India half are Hindu. Very few Lahaula have ever heard the name, Jesus.

Engagement // What’s Happening Now

There are only a handful of Lahaula Christians in India and no know Christians on the Tibetan side. In the article “Reaching Buddhists,” Russ Turney explains the difficulty in reaching Buddhists. The differences between Christianity and Buddhism are immense; therefore, engagement requires friendship and guidance by the Holy Spirit. Pray God will send workers with a commitment to building relationships and engaging the Buddhist mindset.

The language of the Lahaula is Tinani, which is distinct from other Tibetan languages. Other Tibetans do not understand Tinani, and it has a less than 30 percent lexical similarity with languages like Bunan, Lahuli-Spiti, and Central Tibetan. There are no Bible translations in their language. Pray that the efforts of organizations like Wycliffe will develop a Bible in their language.

Partnership // Move Beyond

• Pray God will call more workers to serve the Lahaula in India.
• Pray for creativity in engaging the Buddhist and Hindu mind-sets and for the Holy Spirit’s leading.
• Pray for a complete Bible to be translated into their language as a tool for evangelism and discipleship.
• Pray for ears receptive to the message of Christ as ministers share the truth with them.