The Gujar live throughout Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Northern India. They originally inhabited Northern India but dispersed when they were dominated by Muslim groups. The Gujar are separated into two distinct groups Hindu Gujar and Muslim Gujars. The Gujar are predominantly Hindu, numbering over 7.1 million in Northern India. They worship the many gods and goddesses which are revered in Hinduism. The Hindu Gujar are known for being hospitable and generous not only within their communities but to outsiders as well. Due to prejudice and stereotypes, they are also seen by those in higher castes as thieves and vagrants. Many of them raise buffalo and live agricultural lifestyles. They typically live with extended family members and make community decisions through a community panchayat (council).

Engagement // What’s Happening Now

Currently, there aren’t any known Christians among the Gujar in India. Live Dead India (LDI) seeks to plant churches where the church does not exist and the gospel is inaccessible. LDI serves approximately 1,270,000 Hindu, Muslim, and Buddhist people. Pray that a church will be planted among the Gujar.

Sustainability // The Bigger Story

According to Charisma news churches in India are growing at a rapid rate. Charisma news states that:

“Massive evangelistic crusades have witnessed millions of Indians turning to Christ. In 1981, there were no more than a handful of churches of 1,000 people. Today they are multiplying rapidly.”

Pray that the Holy Spirit may burden and direct national Indian Christians to reach out to the unreached in their provinces.

To join in the efforts of reaching the Gujar visit Live Dead India.

Partnership // Move Beyond

  • As the Assemblies of God India continues to grow and expand, pray that churches will be planted among the Gujar.
  • Many Gujar communities live in poverty and have low literacy rates. Pray for compassion ministries to be able to minister freely in Gunjar communities.
  • The majority of Gujar are Hindu, and most do not know the gospel or have never met a Christian. Pray that the gospel will be shared with them as Christians are led by the Holy Spirit to their communities.