More than one million Bhat live in the state of Rajasthan in northwest India. Until recently, there were no known believers in the people group.

Engagement — What’s Happening Now

“While we were in India we met a brand new believer named Parikh. He is the first believer from the unreached Bhat of northwest India. He and many of his family members live in a large slum in Jaipur, Rajasthan and earn their living singing and performing ancient marionette shows for just a few dollars a day.

We asked Parikh to tell us his testimony. With great joy and gratitude, he began to share how his life had completely changed since he accepted Jesus as his savior.”

Sustainability — The Bigger Story

“It was an honor to present Parikh with an India College of Ministry (ICOM) tablet with materials in his language, especially knowing that this gift would be used to train him to share his newfound joy with hundreds of other Bhat people. Parikh said, ‘There are so many Bhats all over India. I must tell my people about Jesus. Train me. They will listen to me because I am one of them.'”

He was so excited about this new gift that he could not wait to share it with others. He immediately asked to be trained in God’s word so that he could spread the good news to the rest of his people.

Partnership — Move Beyond

—Pray that Parikh’s church, which is the first to ever exist in his slum community, will grow and flourish for the sake of the Bhat people.

—Pray that the two study groups that Parikh has begun will be firmly rooted in the gospel.

—Pray for India College of Ministry and their efforts to train believers to reach millions in India who have never met a Christian.