COUNTRIES: Algeria, Morocco, France, Netherlands,

Rif, in Arabic, means “the edge of cultivated areas.” Many of the Rif Berbers live along the Rif Mountains. They are comprised of 19 tribes. Rif Berbers hold strongly to family traditions and their traditional way of life. Modernization is seen as an attack against their culture. Many of them are farmers or travel back and forth between Europe and North Africa to support and provide for their families. Even though Bible resources are available to them there are very few evangelical Christians within the Rif Berbers in Algeria.

 Engagement // What's Happening Now

Currently, there isn't a strong Christian presence among the Rif Berbers in North Africa. Pray for Christian men and women to feel led to work among the Berbers and begin church planting movements.

The increase of migration into countries in Europe affords opportunities for the church to be a witness. The Fellowship of European International Churches has made it a priority to extend the love of God to immigrants and internationals

Partnership // Move Beyond

 Please spend a few minutes in prayer for the following:

  • Pray for God to send Christian believers who are willing to live among and build relationships with the Rif Berbers.
  • Pray that global workers in predominately Muslim countries may find creative ways to share the gospel message to the Rif Berbers.
  • Pray for the Rif Berbers around the world, that their hearts may be softened to hear the gospel and have their lives radically changed.