More than 1.4 million Muong people live in a mountainous region of Asia Pacific. The Muong people are one of the largest ethnic minorities in the Indochina region. Many live in the mountainous slopes of north-central Vietnam, from the lower reaches of the Da River to the northern Ma River.Muong villages consist of 10-50 households and are found on plateaus. Farming is the foundation of Muong economy. Farmers raise wet and dry rice and use cinnamon and wood for trade. Many Muong people do not live near major lines of communication and many of their towns have become trading centers.

The Muong people practice traditional ethnic religion, animism, worshiping ancestral spirits and other supernatural deities. As animists, the Muong believe that both living and non-living objects have spirits attached to them. They also raise local heroes as deities and worship them. Muong villages are becoming more modernized, however, the practicing of many of these traditional beliefs have declined as technology and interaction with outside regions have increased.

Engagement // What's Happening Now

Effective spiritual leadership has enabled the Assemblies of God to double in size from roughly 20,000 followers to 40,000 in this region in the last decade. The church has been granted the first step toward recognition by the government. The combination of numerical growth and government concessions has opened doors to this otherwise hard-to-reach people group.

Sustainability // The Bigger Story

"We have seen videos of pastors living in caves in the northern mountains because their homes have been taken away by police. Their powerful testimony is that they are continuing to preach, baptize, and see folks filled with the Holy Spirit, even with the pressure. We must pray and help them however we can.” — Missionaries to the people of Asia Pacific

Partnership // Move Beyond

Please spend a few minutes in prayer for the following:

  • Geographic and cultural barriers often prevent the spread of the gospel among the Muong. Pray that God would continue to open doors through AG ministries.
  • Pray for wisdom among those who have responded to the call to communicate the gospel to the Muong despite having limited resources.
  • We have heard amazing stories of young church planters who have planted more than a dozen house churches in the last five years. Consider partnering with these pastors as they turn their eyes toward the Muong.