The Minangkabau of Indonesia also known as the Minang, come from the island of Sumatra. Their language has many dialects and they are the fourth largest ethnic group in Indonesia numbering a little over 6.6 million. The Minang are devout followers of Islam and find their identity in their faith; a traditional Minang saying states: “To be Minangkabau is to be Muslim”. Minang culture is matrilineal with possessions being passed on to the women in the family. The Minang are known for their delicious cuisine worldwide and for trading clothing and jewelry.

The Minang are mostly orthodox Muslims. A traditional saying from their culture is that "to be Minangkabau is to be Muslim." Those who choose to leave the Islamic faith are often disowned by their families, they may lose their jobs, and be shunned from their neighborhoods. In the early 19th century, Islam was added and solidified into the Minangkabau traditions in reaction to conflicts with the Dutch.

There are very few Minangkabau believers, however, many young Minang choose to leave home to seek wealth and have more opportunities to be exposed to the message of Christ,  Pray for the few believers to persevere and be strengthened. There is also a strong worship center near the provinces where many Minangkabau live. Pray for the members of this church to be bold in their declaration of the gospel and to lovingly reach the Minangkabau

Partnership // Move Beyond

Please spend a few minutes in prayer for the following:

  • Pray that the Minangkabau people will have the chance to hear a clear presentation of the gospel and that the Holy Spirit will stir in their hearts a desire for holiness.
  • Ask God to use believers to begin Bible studies and church planting among all Muslims in the Asia Pacific.
  • Pray that the Christians in this region will be bold in reaching out to their Minang neighbors with warmth and kindness presenting the message of the gospel.
  • Ask the Lord to call people who are ready and willing to go to Indonesia to share Christ with Muslim UPGs in this region.