The Java Pesisir Lor number about 36.9 million and predominantly live on the island of Java. Many of them live as farmers or fishermen. The Java Pesisir Lor practice Islam but intertwine it with mystical, syncretistic practices. Many of them often visit the graves of the first nine pioneers to introduce Islam to Indonesia. They visit the graves in hopes of blessing and seek the ancient spirits for guidance and salvation. The Java Pesisir Lor live in urban and rural areas. A distinct characteristic of their homes remains regardless of their urban or rural location – they are covered in red tile. 

Engagement // What’s Happening Now

The Java Pesisir Lor have not shown much openness to the gospel but recently pastors in Indonesia began a church plant on the island of Java immediately after opening their first church plant they were able to begin working on a second church plant which is located in a graveyard. They average 360 adults in the first service and around 180 youth and children in the second. The people attending this church plant are all known to be former Muslims, drug addicts, prostitutes and people seeking the truth.

Pray for more Indonesian Christians to reach out to their neighbors; that they may be moved by the Holy Spirit to begin a church planting movement among the Java Pesisir Lor.

Sustainability // The Bigger Story

Recently an AGWM worker was able to visit with Indonesians from different Islands and hold training seminars with Indonesian pastors. During this time there was a Q&A paneled where many were able to ask questions. The main question centered on the topic of reaching Muslims in their communities. Click here to read the full article.

Pray that many may come to Jesus through the knowledge gained in these training initiatives.

Partnership // Move Beyond

Please take a few minutes to pray for:

  • Pray for workers to be called to work with the Java Pesisir Lor.
  • Pray for unity amongst workers and national churches, for wisdom and guidance as they reach out to the Java Pesisir Lor.
  • Pray for the Java Pesisir Lor children, that they may be the first generation to know Jesus.