The Hmong Njua people spread across Laos, China, Vietnam, and Thailand. The Hmong Njua came into Peninsular Asia from China in the nineteenth century, and scholars speculate they originated from Persia or Babylon. Many of the Hmong Njua are animist and believe that one day a savior will come and establish a Hmong homeland. Because of this, they are prone to following charismatic figures.

 Engagement // What’s Happening Now

John Bueno says, “The people of Peninsular Asia are deeply rooted in religions that blind them to the truth of the gospel,” but he states that in Cambodia, Vietnam, and Laos “we have been able to minister to the poor and suffering through compassion ministries and have an effective witness in those countries as result.”

Sustainability // The Bigger Story

In the article “Reaching Peninsular Asia” Russ Turney shares the vision behind reaching the unreached in this region.

“The countries of Peninsular Asia have known deep suffering, but God has not forgotten them. He is burdening hearts and calling people to reach these countries with the good news of Christ. The Peninsular Asia team has strategically created locations where anyone can connect to a ministry and assist missionaries in reaching the lost. You can have a part in praying, giving and going to the people groups in this area.”

Partnership // Move Beyond

  • Pray for workers who will follow God’s call to live and minister among the Hmong Njua.
  • Pray that through the compassion ministries, many Hmong Njua will come to Christ.
  • The Hmong Njua currently have hope for a savior to give them a new earthly home. Pray that the Hmong Njua will know Christ as the Savior who desires to give them an eternal home.