There are over 30 million Burmese in Peninsular Asia. The Burmese originated in the mountains of Tibet but now live along the central delta plains. Burmese people hold much political, religious and economic influence in Peninsular Asia. Many of the Burmese work on rice fields. Rice is the main staple of their diet. The constitution maps out the social hierarchy in each community. The main authority is the prime minister followed by the village headman and a single headman who is elected by the local community.The Burmese are predominantly Buddhists. They are continually seeking a path to Nirvana. They believe in evil spirits or “nats” and constantly live trying to win their favor in order to have protection from other evil spirits. The Burmese do not believe in death and live their lives trying to accumulate good deeds to secure a good future in their “rebirth”.

Engagement // What’s Happening Now

An avenue through which the gospel is dispersed across Asia Pacific is media. Asia Pacific Media in the past decades has utilized outlets such as radio broadcasts, movies, and TV shows to spread the gospel. Asia Pacific Media works with churches in several Asia Pacific countries, including Peninsular Asia.

Sustainability // The Bigger Story

In the article “Reaching Buddhists”, Russ Turney explains, “to reach Buddhists with the message of Jesus, believers must be present on both local and personal levels. To lead Buddhists to Christ requires befriending them and depending wholly on insight from the Holy Spirit. The distance between Christianity and Buddhism is immense, so a good understanding of the Buddhist mindset is essential to living and serving within the culture.”

The AG Fellowship in Peninsular Asia has grown to over 1300 churches with more than 250,000 members. Even though there is a body of believers present more Global workers are needed to live and make disciples among the Burmese in Peninsular Asia, to continue the conversation visit AP Spend Yourself.

Partnership // Move Beyond

Please spend a few minutes in prayer for:

  • Pray for Burmese believers, that they may be emboldened by the Holy Spirit to share the gospel with their communities.
  • Pray that many Burmese will hear the gospel through the radio broadcasts and TV shows Asia Pacific Media is releasing.
  • Pray for global workers to join in reaching the Burmese in Peninsular Asia.
  • Many Burmese have fled to the U.S.A as refugees due to political instability, pray that Christians in their communities may reach out and share the gospel with them.