Sudanese Arabs originally migrated from Saudi Arabia as nomads. Sudanese Arabs tend to live in villages or small towns and grow crops and raise livestock. Many have lived in a war-torn country for many years.  Their culture values having children since they mean that the family will have workers for their farms and someone to care for them when they reach old age. Boys are usually given preferential treatment while girls are taught to obey their future husbands from a very young age. Sudanese Arabs are devout followers of Islam. Islam is intertwined in every area of their lives.

Engagement // What's Happening Now 

There are very few believers among the Sudanese Arabs. Those who have converted to Christianity usually face persecution or marginalization from their community. In the blog post “Yes he can but why would he?”, a global worker encounters a young student who had opened the door to conversations about Jesus.

Sustainability // The Bigger Story 

Women are not viewed as equals among the Sudanese Arabs. From a young age, women are taught their value and worth is attained by their obedience to men and modesty. Say Hello empowers and equips women to build relationships with Muslim women and to give them a sense of dignity.

Partnership // Move Beyond 

Please spend a few moments in prayer for the following:

  • Ask God to strengthen, encourage, and protect church planters, especially the women workers.
  • Ask God to bring natural and spiritual peace to this region and people.
  • Ask the Lord to call out prayer teams to go and break up the soil through worship and intercession 

Info and photo source: Joshua Project