Nearly 18 million of the world’s 22 million Somalis live in East Africa. Somalis view the family as one of the building blocks of their society and greatly value family relationships. Even though many Somalis live across East Africa they have maintained a common language and culture. Somalis practice Islam and have been known to resist attempts of Christian witness.

Engagement // What's Happening Now 

The migration of many Somalis across East Africa has allowed for many to hear the message of salvation. Amina*, a mother of 4 was pregnant when she was forced to flee her home in East Africa. Amina fled to a country where she was able to hear the gospel. She became a follower of Jesus and was baptized. She soon felt the Lord asking her to return to her husband in her home country. Eventually, Amina returned to her husband who was not very pleased with her newfound beliefs. Amina became very ill and her husband brought in shamans (folk-Islam healers) to work on her. The men began to chant very loudly and Amina hid. As she hid Jesus Christ walked into the room, drove the shamans out and healed Amina.

Sustainability // The Bigger Story 

AGWM is currently partnering with national churches in Africa to reach the Somali. With a contextualized witness, the Somali are being shown the love of Christ in tangible ways. In addition, AGWM is sending teams to minister among this unreached people group. A majority of the Somali people live in impoverished areas. Peter Njiri, the general superintendent of the Kenya Assemblies of God, says, “Our pattern now is to have self-sustaining projects.” These projects include building greenhouses, raising animals, and teaching people to farm so they can feed their children.

Partnership // Move Beyond

Please spend a few minutes in prayer for the following: 

  • Pray for compassion ministries that are teaching sustainable agriculture initiatives, that through their compassion the Somali may see the love of Christ.
  • Only 1/3 of Somalis are literate, poetry and stories are helpful methods of presenting the gospel to the Somali. Pray for creative ways to share the gospel among Somali people.
  • Pray for openness among Africa’s Somali and for courage among those called to minister among this unreached people group.