As Arabs entered Africa in the seventh and eleventh centuries, the majority of nomadic tribes were “Arabized,” meaning they assimilated to Arab culture and embraced Islam as their religion. East Africa is home to several Arab groups, one of these tribes is the Shaikia.

Much of East Africa is impoverished and underdeveloped, so many depend on agricultural occupations as well as animal breeding for their livelihoods. Most of these groups are nomadic, so their villages comprise of round huts and they live in temporary camps when migrating.

Engagement // What's Happening Now

In EAIOB, the access of water is a problem that severely impacts women and girls. Many women have to walk 3.75 miles to get water and carry the heavy water back to their village. Africa Oasis Project seeks to dig wells and provide accessible water to villages throughout Africa. East Africa is an underdeveloped area, and Shaikia villages likely have little access to convenient water sources. Pray for the efforts of Africa Oasis Project as they serve the need in Africa.

Sustainability // The Bigger Story 

The article, “East Africa & Indian Ocean Basin (EAIOB),” states that in six of the eleven nations in EAIOB have no teams or AG churches. The article says, “We desperately need workers to come alongside our AG partner churches and encourage them to growth, depth, and to reaching the unreached within their borders, and in the countries that surround them.”

People groups with nearly no Christian contact like the Shaikia need workers who will share the gospel with them and plant churches among them.

Partnership // Move Beyond 

Please spend a few minutes in prayer for the following: 

  • Pray teams will be sent to plant churches and reaches Shaikia communities.
  • Pray these teams will bring a contextual message that will speak to their hearts in an understandable manner.
  • Pray for Shaikia people who live in rough living conditions, that organization like Africa Oasis Project can serve as a beacon of hope and change in their community.
  • Pray God reveals himself to the Shaika and softens their hearts to the gospel.