The Oromo-Hararghe comprised of 6 different tribes unfortunately only 0.01% of their population is evangelical and follows Jesus. The Oromo people practice Islam with a majority of them fusing their ethnic religions along with Islamic practices. Agriculture and livestock are a big part of their lives, many of the Oromo people are farmers. The Oromo are known for their friendly disposition and hospitality. It is not unusual for the Oromo people to live with extended family and for households to have an average of eight people.

Engagement // What's Happening Now 

The Oromo find great meaning in naming their children. The father usually chooses the name but the mother does have a great influence on the chosen name for their daughters. The most popular names for males are Ibsaa and for females is Ibsituu which means “light” in their native language.

Sustainability // The Bigger Story 

Currently, there are very few believers among the Oromo – Hararghe, most of them are marginalized by their communities. The national church and global workers are taking measures to reach the Oromo, Haraghe through church planting and various compassion ministries.

Partnership // Move Beyond

  • Ask the Lord to send laborers who have the burden for the Harerge Oromo.
  • Pray that the Lord raises a Harerge Oromo church.
  • Pray that the Lord would open the hearts of the Harerge Oromo.

Info source: Joshua Project