The Nubians are a non-Arab Muslim people group who are historically concentrated in Southern Egypt and Northern Sudan in a land called the Nubia region. In 1964, many were relocated 20 miles north of the Aswan High Dam Lake which flooded their villages.  Agriculture is the basis of their economy, so the men typically work in the fields and the women work at home or are school teachers or public service workers. Nubians are known for their beautifully painted homes; they are colorfully painted with geometric patterns. These paintings and decorations have religious connotations.

According to history, Nubians were part of the sixth-century Christian church. Many Christian traditions remain as part of the culture. For example, when a baby is born the baby is taken to the river and the sign of the cross is marked on the baby’s forehead. When Nubians are asked why they perform that tradition many answer that they do not know it has always been done this way. Even though Nubians once had a strong Christian tradition currently almost all Nubians are followers of Islam and incorporate some animistic practices.

Engagement // What's Happening Now 

A few years ago, Africa’s Children was able to provide global workers with Christian children’s music in Nobiin, the language spoken by the Nubians. This tool allows for Nubian children to learn about biblical stories in their own language and in their traditional way of learning – through story-telling.

Sustainability // The Bigger Story 

Patrick Johnstone writes, “The opening of the Muslim world for the gospel cannot be organized by human effort or stratagems but only by prayer…” Prayer is an utmost necessity to reach Muslim people groups such as the Nubian. One of the primary prayer initiatives for Muslim peoples is Jumaa Prayer Fellowship. Jumaa organizes and calls believers globally to take part in praying for Muslim people groups.

Partnership // Move Beyond

Please spend a few minutes in prayer for the following: 

  • Pray for opportunities to be able to minister to the Nubian people.
  • A Bible translation in Nobiin has not been completed, pray for a translation to be completed and placed in the hands of every Nubian.
  • Pray God calls workers to minister and proclaim the gospel among Nubian villages.
  • Pray God reveals as the true God to Nubian Muslims.
  • Pray that through the different children’s resources many Nubian children may come to know Jesus as their Lord and Savior.

Info Source: Joshua Project