The Harari, Adare originally only lived in the city of Harar, they refer to themselves as ge usu or “people of the city” and refer to their way of life as ge ‘ada or “the etiquette of the city”. The Harari, Adare are an urban tribe and the only people group in Ethiopia whose trade is based on a single large urban center. The Harari only speak and teach their language, Adare, to their own people. They do not marry non-Harari people and exclude outsiders. Harari society centers around kinship, friendship, community organizations with a mosque placed in the center of each community. 

Women make up a solid force in Harari culture. Unlike the women of many other Muslims cultures, the Harari women lead vigorous and visible-although separate-social lives. They are not required to wear the traditional Muslim veil. They contribute to their families' incomes by selling produce from their husbands' farms or raising and selling tobacco. One very important industry among the Harari women is basket weaving. In fact, Harar has become famous for its elaborate baskets. 

Harari, Adere people devoutly practice Islam and virtually all are Sunni Muslims. The city of Harar is known as a center of Islamic learning and is called the “city of saints” due to the over 150 shrines of Muslim saints dispersed throughout the city.  

Engagement // What's Happening Now 

The Harari, Adere isolate themselves from many people groups and remain very close-knit. There are very few believers among the Harari. Pray for openness to other believers.

Sustainability // The Bigger Story 

The church in Ethiopia is expanding now with 300 national churches and over 200,000 adherents. There remain 45 unreached people groups. Pray God empowers the Assemblies of God in Ethiopia to reach the thousands of Harari who have not heard the gospel as well as the other 44 unreached peoples in Ethiopia.

Partnership // Move Beyond 

  • Pray that the Lord will raise up missionaries and churches who can effectively reach out to Harari Muslims.
  • Ask the Holy Spirit to soften their hearts towards Christians so they will be receptive to the gospel. 
  • Pray that God raises up prayer teams who will begin breaking up the soil through intercession and stand in the gap for the unreached Harari.

*Info and Photo Source: Joshua Project